Park Place Garage - Wood Cabinetry
Our commercial grade wood cabinets are custom built to virtually any height, depth or width to provide you with a truly unique design to fit your needs and lifestyle.  All of our cabinets are securely mounted off the floor to protect your belongings from water, debris, and pests.  This design also allows you to easily clean your garage floor. Made in Canada.

Baldhead Custom - Premium steel cabinetry
Transforming your garage from an embarrassing jumble to a masterpiece you’ll love to show off is easy thanks to Baldhead steel garage cabinets. Our garage storage systems make this room a pleasure in which to lounge or work. In fact, Baldhead steel garage cabinetry will simply change the way you think about your garage. Made in the USA.

Cabinets by Hayley - Heavy-duty steel cabinetry
Cabinets by Hayley fabricates high-quality metal garage cabinets using only the highest quality materials. Using powder-coated finishes, stainless steel hinges and galvanized steel countertops means that you will be able to enjoy (and use) your steel workshop cabinets for years to come. Cabinets by Hayley are manufactured in Canada.

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Dream Garage Idea Center
Clean and modern design. Many options available such as parts-bin,  pull-out cabinet, garbage can cabinet, corner cabinets, stainless worktops, valance and LED lights, glass doors, beer fridge cabinet, built-in toolboxes, and pull-out shelves.
Your home away from home. Beer fridge units, flat screen TVs, tool storage, workshop cabinets, and industrial grade floor coating systems are a few options available for your Man Cave Garage. Stop wasting your garage space and turn it into a functional dream space you deserve.
Our modular storage units are perfect for homeowners that want all of their belongings behind doors and aesthetically pleasing. Our cabinet units are available in a wide array of colours and finishes. Perfect for the storage fanatic that can never find enough space to store all their stuff.
Need space to store bikes, gardening supplies, sports equipment and more? We offer cabinet systems, overhead industrial grade racking systems, slat-wall storage, and of course our ultra-durable floor coatings that keep the space clean and easy to maintain.