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Garage Renovations: 

Adding value and function to the Largest Most Under-Utilized Space in your Home.
Serving Metro Vancouver, Fraser Valley & Okanagan

If your garage is like most, unfortunately, it is the often forgotten, abused, last bastion of unconquered space in your home. We take for granted this large enclosed underdeveloped square footage attached to or adjoining us, that inevitably has developed into a dark, lowly, cluttered, disorganized, awkward dumping ground for all of our busy lives' hubris, equipment, tools, and accessories... aka. "Stuff, that we just don't know what to do with."

Your house and yard were thoughtfully purpose-built with careful attention to design, layout, comfort, and function. Does it make any sense that your largest and most potentially productive multi-season, all weather, multi-use room is undeveloped and not efficiently utilized?

It doesn't have to be this way, especially with advancements in modern designer floor coatings, organizational systems, storage, and related technologies that cater specifically to this space by adding tremendous year-round value, comfort, and usability to this multi-use room. Many people are just not aware of the many creative uses and possibilities now available for garage space in their home.

Welcome Home.™ Stop parking your vehicles in your driveway, and drive yourself in out of the rain and cold, while simultaneously creating a versatile, warm, well lit, organized all-purpose room for all of your family's hobbies, sports, business, recreational pursuits, and valuables.

Park Place Garage Company can consult and work with you to transform your  garage into another "room" in your home, while still accommodating your cars and "stuff", with the same professional attention to creative design, detail, colour, trim, lighting, heating, and finishing that you currently enjoy throughout the rest of your home.

Imagine a new spacious and organized workshop with laces for all your specialty tools and area to actually comfortably and efficiently work on your projects. Or how about a new personal gym or fitness room? A winter and rainy-day versatile, tough indoor play area for the kids? A scrapbooking, crafts and art studio? Or how about a man-cave where your husband can "escape" with his friends complete with a big-screen TV, recessed lighting, fridge, pool table, and couch, right next to and completely colour coordinated with his tool-chest, motorcycle, and collector car? Park Place Garage Co. are expert experienced designers, fabricators, builders, and craftsmen focused on customer service, who specializes in professional custom garage transformations.

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Dream Garage Idea Center
Our modular storage units are perfect for homeowners that want all of their belongings behind doors and aesthetically pleasing. Our cabinet units are available in a wide array of colours and finishes. Perfect for the storage fanatic that can never find enough space to store all their stuff.
Need space to store bikes, gardening supplies, sports equipment and more? We offer cabinet systems, overhead industrial grade racking systems, slat-wall storage, and of course our ultra-durable floor coatings that keep the space clean and easy to maintain.
Clean and modern design. Many options available such as parts-bin,  pull-out cabinet, garbage can cabinet, corner cabinets, stainless worktops, valance and LED lights, glass doors, beer fridge cabinet, built-in toolboxes, and pull-out shelves.
Your home away from home. Beer fridge units, flat screen TVs, tool storage, workshop cabinets, and industrial grade floor coating systems are a few options available for your Man Cave Garage. Stop wasting your garage space and turn it into a functional dream space you deserve.