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Garage flooring, storage solutions, and cabinetry
Serving Metro Vancouver, Fraser Valley & Okanagan

We have been providing homeowners with high-performance concrete coatings and garage storage systems in beautiful British Columbia since 2006. As a pioneer of the garage renovation industry, we have been fortunate to align ourselves with the highest quality manufacturers such as Iron Man Coatings and Baldhead cabinetry.

We transform drab concrete and eclectic mixes of storage products into an ultra-clean, bright, well-organized, and stylish space where there is a place for everything and everything is in its place. 

Our ultra-durable polyaspartic garage floor coating utilizes patented technology and outperforms all other coatings and hybrid coating systems. Unlike epoxy garage floor systems, our polyaspartic coatings are not susceptible to "hot-tire pickup". Our coatings are easy to clean & maintain; just use water and a mop/soft bristle brush/squeegee. Oil and gas just wipe off with a dry rag. Our coatings not only look good, but they also protect the integrity of your garage floor. Power washing your dirty garage floor will slowly wear away the harder, more protective element of the concrete slab, exposing the concrete to further problems such as spalling. No need for power washing when you have a Park Place Garage floor! Salt brought in from tires on a snowy day will also corrode unprotected concrete. Protect your investment.

Our modular and custom storage systems provide homeowners with garage cabinets that will last a lifetime. Our modern garage cabinets look and function beautifully. With hundreds of cabinet options, we can surely custom design a garage tailored to your likes and needs.

With Park Place Garage Co. you can organize, finish, and convert your existing garage space, adding considerable short-term and long-term value and appeal to your home, while providing your family with another comfortable, attractive, quality-built easy to maintain, functional all-purpose room to enjoy and put to productive efficient use year round.
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workshop cabinets
Garage workshop
Garage cabinetry
Your garage is an extension of your home, and living space. Garage space is  expensive, so why not utilize it to it's maximum potential? Park Place Garage Co.  storage systems are designed to utilize wasted space , allowing you to reclaim your garage floor space.
Reclaim your floor space and get your car back where it belongs! Overhead garage storage racks are a great first step towards a clean & organized garage. Our Aluminum Slat-Wall is extremely strong and durable. Suitable to bike storage, tools, garden equipment, rackets, skis, etc. 
We offer the finest quality industrial-grade garage floor coatings and garage flooring solutions. Our beautiful and durable polyaspartic garage flooring is a superior alternative to epoxy, polyurethane, and "hybrid" garage floor coatings. Our concrete coating system is  low VOC.
Since 2006, Park Place Garage Co. has been transforming ordinary garages into organized, clean, and functional  spaces. Our durable and stylish garage cabinets, storage and workspace systems are perfect solutions for professional and residential garages.  
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The Benchmark in Performance

Garage floor coatings

Tired of coming home to a dirty, cracked, stained garage floor? Our industrial strength concrete coating eliminates all of these problems, and will last longer than any epoxy, polyurethane, or "hybrid"  floor coating system available!

We have been installing polyaspartic polyurea garage flooring longer than any other company in BC. We assure you of a garage floor that is unmatched in strength, durability, and beauty. Park Place Garage has successfully installed more than 2000 garage floors here in beautiful British Columbia.

Our low VOC garage floor coating will transform your drab concrete into an attractive floor that is easy to clean and maintain. Our garage flooring has a granite-like appearance, it is difficult to stain, and will make your garage a brighter, cleaner space. 

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Timeless Garage Cabinetry

Garage storage systems

Our modular garage cabinet systems can be mounted on the floor with kick plates or hung 6" off of the ground. With hundreds of cabinet options and a dozen colours to choose from we are sure to have a solution to your garage organization problems. Some of our cabinets can also be customized. We also have stainless steel cabinets. 
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Dream Garage Idea Center
Our modular storage units are perfect for homeowners that want all of their belongings behind doors and aesthetically pleasing. Our cabinet units are available in a wide array of colours and finishes. Perfect for the storage fanatic that can never find enough space to store all their stuff.
Need space to store bikes, gardening supplies, sports equipment and more? We offer cabinet systems, overhead industrial grade racking systems, slat-wall storage, and of course our ultra-durable floor coatings that keep the space clean and easy to maintain.
Clean and modern design. Many options available such as parts-bin,  pull-out cabinet, garbage can cabinet, corner cabinets, stainless worktops, valance and LED lights, glass doors, beer fridge cabinet, built-in toolboxes, and pull-out shelves.
Your home away from home. Beer fridge units, flat screen TVs, tool storage, workshop cabinets, and industrial grade floor coating systems are a few options available for your Man Cave Garage. Stop wasting your garage space and turn it into a functional dream space you deserve.